Ep 4 - A Tale of Two Eric/k's

In the fourth exciting episode of the Long Live Play melodrama, hosts Khayl Adam and Govinda Whitehurst indulge themselves with a little speculation on the many intriguing PlayStation rumours that are currently swirling around.

Hasan Kahraman... lives? Or is that what *they* (Kojima and co) want us to think? Plus, Ghost of Tsushima may be getting a single-player standalone expansion, and could Guerilla Games have another title in the works?

Our heroes cover all the news (that they care about)and discuss in-depth the games they are playing (The Outer Worlds, Scarlet Nexus Demo, Chivalry 2).

The Featured Articles of the Week were written by Eric Switzer & Erik Kain respectively.

You can (and should!) read both pieces in their entirety here: The Sniper Ghost Warrior Press Event Made Me Pretend To Kill Arabs And I Hated It (Eric Switzer), Video Game Press Event Goes Bad, Video Game Journalist Cries Racism (Erik Kain).

"He's been fixed, we took his manhood from him, but we think it didn't totally take" - Khayl Adam

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