Ep 6 - State of Nay

In the sixth chapter of the Long Live Play narrative, hosts Khayl Adam and Govinda Whitehurst ride the lightning; consuming Red Bull while expounding on the benefits of proper dental hygiene.

Sony held a State of Play, showing off a bunch of lack-lustre indie titles, with a spotlight on the timed PlayStation exclusive Deathloop, from developer Arkane Studios. We learn more about the next Assassin's Creed, discuss just how far off GTA 6 really is, and the surprising performance of Cyberpunk 2077's first month back on the PS Store.

Our heroes cover all the news (that they care about) and discuss in-depth the games they are playing (Scarlet Nexus, The Outerworlds, A Plague Tale: Innocence).

The Featured Article of the Week was written by Jade King of The Gamer.

You can (and should!) read the piece in its entirety here: A Director's Cut Won't Fix Ghost of Tsushima's Biggest Problems

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